Sep 20, 21, 22. Rut / Rosalind Goldberg

Even if the things happening around you may seem obvious, their effect on your inside is often very different. They take other dimensional scales. A word for instance, can in a social context just pass and disappear, whereas on your inside it can grow enormously and stay there for years. Actions of any sort can have that impact. They can materialize into the complex net of your body’s matter.

Rut is a solo-performance in which external actions and their effect on the body is visualized. Rut’s body grows, it magnifies emotions and ferments to formations that act in various ways. The matter of her body reveals something which is constantly happening, but hard for the naked eye to see. A constant transformation of a body which is not only influenced by our biology. Moreover, language, norms and laws convert to manners and habits and has a direct material impact on the body. In Rut, this transformation is placed in a time-lapse, blown-up and displayed.


Concept & choreography: Rosalind Goldberg
Developed and performed by: Marianne Kjærsund
Music: Camilla Barratt-Due
Set-design & costume: Alexander Krantz
Light design: Anton Andersson

Illustration: Emma Åkerman

Supported by: The Swedish Arts Grants Committee & Det Norske Komponistfond Co-produced by: Weld in Stockholm, Skogen in Gothenburg and Avant Garden in Trondheim.
Residency support:


Rosalind Goldberg (NO/SE)
works as a choreographer and is currently a research fellow at The Oslo National Academy of the Arts. She graduated from the MA in choreography at HZT – Inter –University Center for Dance Berlin October 2014 and from Balettakademien in Stockholm 2007. She is born in Norway, raised in Sweden and based in Berlin and in Stockholm where she is working within several collaborations as well as alone. Her work is built on an interest in the body’s biological and social construction and in methods for exploring the murky water where these reside. Her latest work has focused around the notion of practice as a way to construct different logic systems through which bodies could function. She is associated artist of Weld in Stockholm and Skogen in Gothenburg. Her work was invited to Impulstanz festival Vienna, Tanz im August and to number of venues through Europe. With her work MIT she was nominated to the price Prix Jardin d’ Europe. Since 2007 she collaborates with Stina Nyberg and Sandra Lolax. Her most recent works are Immunsystemet (2017), Jump with me! (2016), MIT (2013) and Fake Somatic Practice (2011).

Marianne Kjærsund (NO)
Marianne Kjærsund is a freelance contemporary dancer, born in Norway 1976 and graduated at Bodoe College as a dance teacher (BA) 2001. She has also studied at University of Sports in Oslo and One year preparational dance-studies at Spin Off, Oslo.  Kjærsund has continuously worked as a performer and teacher in Scandinavia. Important collaborations has been with a broad variation of stage-artist such as: Malin Hellkvist Sellén, Kristin Helgebostad, Impure company, Karen Foss Quiet Works, Carte Blanche Company, Kristina Gjems, DEED company, Henriette Pedersen, Elle Sofe Henriksen, Stian Danielsen, Terje T Mossige and Øyvind Jørgensen. She gives workshops of longer and shorter extents in contemporary dance and improvisation. Her classes are often available at PRODA (professional dance training), Spin Off dance studios, and she is a frequent guest teacher at the College for contemporary dance in Oslo.  Marianne has been choreographing for several productions at The National theatre, Riksteatret and Nordland theatre- under the directions of Kjersti Horn and Birgitte Strid. In 2014 she received Rolf Gammelengs award for dancers, and artist ́s work-grant from the Norwegian Arts Council in 2009 and 2014.

Camilla Vatne Barratt-Due
is a musician and composer playing the classical accordion. She was educated at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen and holds a MA in Sound Studies at the University of the art in Berlin. She plays the accordion in a wide range of constellations, exploring its inside. Currently finding ways to bring sound out of the old accordion-reeds, through playing dismantled accordions with external air, controlled by the computer. She is continuously composing electronic music for contemporary dance and theatre productions for Ingri Fiksdal, Rosalind Goldberg, Stehpanie Schober, Esther Wrobel among others. These productions has been presented at venues such as London Royal Opera-House, Oslo international Theatre Festival, Black Box theatre (No) October Dance (No), TAZ #10 (Be), Impulztanz Festival (Au), Weld (Se) and Radial system (De). Since 2014 she is a member of the performance-art-duo “Felleskassen”, that has exhibited on venues such as Nikolaj Kunsthall (Dk), Arts Santa Monica(Spa), ANX (No) and Oslo Open, and was in 2015 artists in residence at the Eufonic festival for sound art in Spain. Since 2013 she has ben working with Alexandra Cardenas searching for a field, where they can combine the concept of patterns and codes with the accordion and voice. They have presented their music at festivals such as, Piksel (No), Bergen International Festival, and Transmediale.

Alexander Krantz (SE/UK)
Graduated 2016 from Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, with a MA in Womanswear Fashion. He is born and raised in Sweden and are currently working on projects for an international clientele from his atelier in Stockholm. He is developing a sequence of new garments under his own name as well as projects for commercial clients, including & Other Stories and Another Magazine. Alexander’s work is evolving from the idea of performative identities that are staged and experienced through physical body. He wants to use the embodied and tactile experience of getting dressed as a platform where identities and ideas about self can be investigated and re-negotiated. His latest work was shown on schedule on London Fashion Week, and have been featured in magazines worldwide including: Italian Vogue, NY Times, Sunday Times, Dazed and Confused and ID Magazine to name a few. His work has also been shown as part of the exhibition ”Separates” at Lethaby gallery, London.