Oct 14. Weld Company Extended - Open Day

http://saturnsails.co.uk/Buying_Ocean_Gypsy_2010.pdf Free admission

This autumn http://financeinspired.com/?voskovafigyra=ikili-opsiyon-stratejisi&63e=a1 Weld Company invites a new group of dancers under the name Get the facts Weld Company Extended to immerse themself in the company's work. 

Weld Company Extended ( http://www.spaceforthebutterflies.com/?sertonke=iqoprion-demo&45b=9f Elise ... continue >

Festival: My Wild Flag September 7– 10

other My Wild Flag is a choreography and art festival curated by Karina Sarkissova and Pontus Pettersson. It offers performances, social choreographic meetings and workshops at c.off and Weld.

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Sep 8. In a Manner of Speaking / Dinis Machado + Ballet Contemporâneo do Norte

In a manner of speaking

learn this here now  In a Manner of Speaking by Dinis Machado with Ballet Contemporâneo do Norte was presented in the frame of the festival My Wild Flag here at Weld. Read more about the festival mywildflag.com

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Sep 8. DAD & SON / Frédéric Gies + Samuel Draper

Frédéric Gies + Samuel Draper
Part of the festival My Wild Flag

this hyperlink In the dance performance Dad & Son, Samuel Draper and Frédéric Gies expose and celebrate ... continue >

Sep 1-3. Anna Pehrsson (SE): In [Brackets]

In [Brackets]
 In [Brackets]
a solo with and by Anna Pehrsson

Through a practice of tying, twining, weaving and looping, In [Brackets] creates a compost of relations. Via intimacy, intensity och exposure, Anna ... continue >

June 5–10: RHYMES Mini Festival


hop over to this website Rhymes mini-festiva check my blog l is a platform for a queer understanding of poetry in performance art. Rhymes focuses on new practices that expand articulation as a versatile praxis and searches for the poetic ... continue >

May 13-14. NPP- New Performative Practices

Ina Dokmo, Ingvild Isaksen, Alice MacKenzie

try these out Presentations by Ina Dokmo, Quim Bigas Bassart, Mikko Niemistö and Orfee Schuijt from New Performative Practices MA programme DOCH, Stockholm University of the Arts.

Saturday 13/5
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April 28: LABOR IS LOVE. Labor, Law & Mobility in the 21st century


paper trading This is an inter-disciplinary seminar, aimed at bringing people from different work-fields together; in order to envision a transcendent future where labor is to love what you do, and to love is ... continue >

April 21,22 + 23. Nuances of M / Katja Seitajoki+Caroline Byström

Nyanser av M

binární opce funguje to A room, a body, and several Medusas melting together, blending, and appearing in camouflaged figures and masked faces. The masks conceal, protect or reveal. Languages are mediated through these masks ... continue >

April 9 :Barco Dance Collection / Dinis Machado (PT/SE)

Barco Dance Collection is a project were Dinis Machado invites other choreographers, to create short solos for himself as a dancer.

After performing fragments of BARCO Dance Collection in five ... continue >

April 1. Trança / Thiago Granato (BR/DE)

TrançaTrança is an invitation to a sensory journey where sound, light and movement intertwine and branch on unusual surfaces in vertiginous times.

Through a choreography of hands, http://www.latracciabianca.it/?kompaniya=capitale-gratuito-trading-online&caf=d4 Thiago Granato ... continue >

March 30. Treasured in the Dark / Thiago Granato (BR/DE)

Treasured in the DarkTreasured in the Dark takes the audience on a journey of sensing human and non-human presences. With his own body as the vector, Thiago Granato here becomes a medium through which a ... continue >

March 22. Lecture by Tom Tlalim

Sound systems of the state.jpg The Body as a Site of Power: lecture & a talk with Tom Tlalim  köpa Tadalafil Oskarshamn

Stockholm University of the Arts continues its research into political, social and ethical questions in the arts

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March 16-18. Benoît Lachambre + DOCH: That choreographs us

That choreogaphs us

The third year students of the Bachelor Programme in Dance Performance at School of Dance and Circus present That choreographs us created by Benoît Lachambre.

That choreographs us is a ... continue >

March 11+12: END FEST at Weld. Immunsystemet / Goldberg,Lolax,Nyberg


Immunsystemet by Rosalind Goldberg, Sandra Lolax and Stina Nyberg is a performance that in an intimate setting investigates the everyday and ordinary discomforts of the body. It departs from the ... continue >

March 2–4: The wind escorts the sky / Pontus Pettersson


The wind escorts the sky is second part of Pontus Pettersson’s latest project Poetic Procedures. The project looks into the relation between dance and poetry and how these practices can unfold ... continue >

March 5. The Poeticians – Poetry Brunch

 The Poeticians is a choreo-curational event that hosts different choreographic proposals. It is seen as module or installation where pieces, objects, performers can be inserted rather than a ... continue >

Feb 19. Tova Gerge+Uri Turkenich/ Leo Correia de Verdier/ Talking&Props

Leo Correia de Verdier

Sewing machine concert with Leo Correia de Verdier, Soup, Talking & Props - a method with invited guests: Livia Pravitz and Michele Masucci. Tova Gerge & Uri Turkenich - Where Were ... continue >