Lundahl&Seitl 19-22 April-07

Thursday-Saturday 19-21 of April, open 5-10pm.
Sunday 22 of April, open 4-8pm.
The work is activated every 20 minutes. Free entrance. Don’t miss the seminar presentation of Lundahl&Seitl 3pm on Sunday 22nd of April.

Rotating in a room of Images (formerly known as Recreational Test-site) by Lundahl&Seitl Co-Laboratory

Rotating in a room of Images is a performative installation where one spectator at the time is being guided blindfolded through a labyrint of fabric. Physical encounters with movement/touch function as the only tools for interpretation. With heightened awareness of the senses, the work produce a reality, stripped down to solely a kinaesthetic experience – introducing a virtual/altered reality in void of any visual constituents.

Lundahl&Seitl Co-Laboratory is a long term project focusing in the programming of specially designed situations. It brings together a broad variety of practices/industries such as fashion design, the health – science industry and the entertainment industry, utilizing the framework of contemporary art and the methodologies from choreography, gaming, movement therapy/healing and ritual.

Steered by artists Christer Lundahl & Martina Seitl, who have a rich background in curator-ship, fine art and choreography. Key to their practise is the invitation of artists/performers/designers/theorists to work together with them in a temporary laboratory. This allows a continuing identity to their work balanced by the transfusion of new creative blood.
For the past three years they have worked on a number of projects across Europe; in art galleries (Espace Khiasma, Paris / Whitechapel Art Gallery, London) , dance institutions (the Place, London / Duncan Centre, Prague / 24 Kvadrat, Sweden) , educational contexts (Byam Shaw School of Art and Middlesex University, Laban,), art fairs (Recent Graduate Selection – AAF) and theatre (BAC) as well as interventions in public spaces.

"I think ‘Lundahl&Seitl Co-Laboratory’ is one of the most exciting emergent multi-disciplinary collectives on the block. They consistently re-negotiate the boundaries and languages of choreography, fine art, curator-ship and theatre with vigour and total commitment. BAC strongly supports their long-term development: to date this support has been made manifest through rehearsal space, an ongoing relationship with our producing team and seed commissioning."
Harun Morrison, Producer, BAC

"its not often that when dining at the overburdened table of contemporary culture that you can say you've found something truly original, however… 'my voice shall now come from the other side of the room' is just that, simultaneously enchanting, intellectually stimulating and incredible sensual journey, it was one of my cultural highlights of 2006"
James Smith, programmer at Whitechapel Art Gallery

Martina Seitl, Choreographer/Artist- winner of the Fringe Report Award for best dance performance 2002 plus Simone Michelle award for outstanding achievement in choreography, 2002.

Christer Lundahl, Curator/Artist -worked in collaborations including ArtLab and Szuper Gallery.