June 5. INSISTER SPACE. At Issue: Performing

Issue: an important topic or problem for debate or discussion
Issue: personal problems or difficulties
Issue: the action of supplying or distributing an item
Issue: a result or outcome of something
Issue: the action of flowing or coming out
Issue: to formally send out or make known
Issue: under discussion; in dispute
Issue: to make an issue of: treat too seriously or as a problem
Issue: take issue with: disagree with; challenge

AT ISSUE: PERFORMING is a space and occasion to make things public. The evening is made up by seven performances, which are not gathered around a specific question, proposed in relation to a set topic or chosen according to taste. Instead, this is a space for members of INSISTER SPACE to publish work next to each other, with a curiosity for how performing put things at issue.


– All times are approximate –

16.30 I have seen your face on better days
Hannah Krebs

17.00 Blue boots
Oda Brekke

17.30 hole
Anna Ertl
Performed by Molly Engblom and Anna Ertl


18.30 I OBJECT!
Gry Tingskog
Performed by Emma Strandsäter, Tuuli Vahtola, Oda Brekke and Gry Tingskog

19.30 thanks to
Molly Engblom


20.30 Meaning – Nothingness
Caitlin Dear

Tiia Kasurinen



INSISTER SPACE is a non-profit organisation, platform and context for artists working with dance and choreography identifying as trans-women, trans-men, non-binary and cis-women. INSISTER SPACE is a choreographic initiative to address organisation with choreographic knowledge and tools, a grass root movement that insists on structure specifically for the precarious situation as a freelancer by replacing informal structure with formal and articulated structure. The aim is to counter competition, isolation and alienation between artists, tasks and practices.

INSISTER SPACE is an ambition to create an alternative infrastructure, a system to work through and with, where all members agree to actively work for collegial support, sharing and spreading knowledge and information. The target group is made from a clear point of reference, where the majority of the workforce identifies as women but where the elite is male, with a higher quota of power, resources and space.