Feb 8. Talking & Props: EXODUS / Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt (DK) & Andreas Liebmann (CH)

A Swiss - Danish family travels to Sicily. They visit a house in the Sicilian mountains called Mondo Nuevo. This is the provisional home of nine Nigerian men, who are recovering from a boat trip and waiting for further travel documents. The North-European guests and the inhabitants of Mondo Nuevo exchange songs for songs, stories for stories and establish temporary friendship. Time is killed with ping-pong, the blonde child plays with a flip flop.

Exodus is a performance concert by and with the family Liebmann-Schmidt. Their tale of the new Europeans deals with concrete encounters, and stories and songs exchanged between travelers from North and South, yet composes these elements into a fiction that reaches to reach far beyond documentary. Inspired by medieval tradition, the tale is sung on the melody of the danish ballad „Kongebørnene“, and refers to a valley on the other side of the mountains - a place so far away that the audience has to trust what they are told.

Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt
(DK) is working as a performance artist in Scandinavia, Germany and Switzerland, and curates the festival WORKS AT WORK. From 2011 to 2015 she was artistic research associate teaching at the BA “Dance, Context, Choreography” at Inter-University of Dance in Berlin and from 2016 she is writing a Ph.D in the Dept. Arts and Cultural Studies at Copenhagen University. With Lucie Tuma she holds the duo Chuck Morris.

Andreas Liebmann (CH) is working in the field of site-specific performance and theatre, integrating impulses from natural science, personal encounters, anthropology and politics. His works are presented in a.o. Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Bolivia. As an author he has been writing radio plays as well as texts for for Theatre Freiburg, HAU Berlin, Burgtheater Vienna and Schauspielhaus Zürich. From 2015 he’s been teaching concept based directing at the Danish National School of Performing Arts in Copenhagen.

Concept, performance:  Andreas Liebmann & Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt | Set, Costume: Manuel Gerst | Music: Matthias Meppelink | Light: Annegret Schalke | Dramaturgy: Tanja Diers | Voice Coaching: Johanna Peine | Production: Annett Hardegen | Choreographic Consultancy: Tiaheawery Thiaharaja | Coproduction: Vierte Welt (Berlin), Skogen (Gothenburg), Rote Fabrik (Zürich), Nordwind Festival & Sort/Hvid (Coopenhagen)| Supported by: Haupstadtkulturfonds and Regierenden Bürgmeister – Sentatskanzlei Kulturelle Angelegenhaiten Berlin, Stadt and kanton Zürch and Danish Arts Foundation.

Video work by Camilla Aviaja Olsen (DK) & Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt (DK)

During the evening we also show Kujalleq (Greenlandic for “neighbour to the South”), a performance for video and a personal reformulation of the history of Danish colonialism by Camilla Aviaja Olsen & Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt. Passing through a landscape of memories from their common childhood in West Jutland, Denmark, the artists question the continuation of (de)colonial relations within the production of art. As part of Talking & Props, the piece provides an example of verbal and muscular embodiments of shared memories in spite of cultural and economical divides.

Kujalleq is part of the  exhibition Nordic Trouble at Konsthall C Dec 9 2017 – feb 28 2018.

Talking & Props 2018

With: Mariana Suikkanen Gomes, Hugo Hedberg & Karen Eide Bøen, Elise Nuding, Matthias Sperling, Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt & Andreas Liebmann a.o.

The third edition of Talking & Props collects five scenic works which all in different ways treat languages in relation to a specific movement practice, as of material and sound, or as a sung or told story.

Narratives are stretched into everyday documentaries and poetics but also as a displacement where the fictional becomes real and what could be perceived as truth appears as theater. It is a question of a language appearing in thhe loneliness, within dialogue or in the public.

This year's edition present some works that already started in the previous edition of Talking & Props and artists who have a longer relationship with Weld, but also new acquaintances.

Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt and Andreas Liebmann's verse-sung work EXODUS, Mariana Suikkanen Gome's sense widening work The Tender Protest Series. Matthias Sperling returns with his solo Now that we know after having worked with Weld Company in the fall 2017. Elise Nuding's ongoing research, shown through a distinct presentation format through her solo Sounding lines shown for the first time at Weld together with Hugo Hedberg and Karen Eide Bøen's duet TO SEE YOURSELF FROM THE OUTSIDE.

During Talking & Props, sound- and video works will also be presented, as well as a collection of speeches/utterances in a programme curated by Frida Sandström. On February 4 - The sound installation Ö (The Mutual Letter) by Meric Algün and speeches by invited speakers Natalia Rebelo, Annabell Chin and Iris Smeds and in relation to the EXODUS February 8, the video work Kujalleq by Camilla Aviaja Olsen & Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt. The works relate in some ways to the main questions that Talking & Props stipulate, which are, what kind of body is constituted by a statement and what kind of words a physical material implies. Talking & Props is an affirmation of verbal, scenic expressions and is a pendulum to the choreographic work that Weld Company works with through the devise "No talking & No props”.

All events in english


Thursday 25/1
at 7pm: TENDER PROTEST SERIES: The Weld Cycle / Mariana Suikkanen Gomes (SE)

Friday 26/1
at 7pm:
TENDER PROTEST SERIES: The Weld Cycle / Mariana Suikkanen Gomes (SE)

Sunday 28/1
at 5pm: TENDER PROTEST SERIES: The Weld Cycle / Mariana Suikkanen Gomes (SE)

Sunday 4/2
at 1.30pm-8pm:
Ö (The Mutual Letter). Soundinstallation / Meric̀§ Algün (SE/TR)
at 2pm-3pm: TO SEE YOURSELF FROM THE OUTSIDE / Hugo Hedberg (SE) & Karen Eide Bøen (NO)
at 3pm-4pm: Coffee + speech
at 4pm-5pm: Sounding lines / Elise Nuding (GB/SE)
at 5pm-6pm: Soup + speech
at 6pm-7pm: Now that we know / Matthias Sperling (GB)
at 7pm-7.30pm: Talk with Matthias Sperling

Thursday 8/2
at 7pm: EXODUS / Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt (DK) & Andreas Liebmann (CH)
The videowork Kujalleq by Camilla Aviaja Olsen (DK) & Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt (DK) will be shown during the evening.