Contagion, 27 April – 6 May-07

This exhibition is a collaboration between three Swedish artists and a British performance art group, exploring the concept of “contagious behaviour” and the way ideas, patterns of action, and cultural memes spread throughout the collective web of meaning created by human interaction.

The way someone brushes hair off their face, laughs or makes a remark, all these things are picked up and adopted by other people. The contagious nature of human behaviour is undeniable, and mimicry and basic communication are not always easily distinguished. The only certainties are the constant inheritance of these patterns of meaning, from one act of communication to the next, and that our common cultural space is in a permanent state of flux.
It is our hope that the exhibition will bring this often subconscious phenomena to the focused and active attention of the viewers, and provoke them to ponder the implications involved. Is it obvious what an “individual” is, and where he or she begins and ends? How responsible are we actually for the ways we behave? How responsible for the behaviour of others? These questions are raised both by the contents of the individual works and by the way the various artist's expressions interact with one another in the space they create and inhabit together.

Maja Droetto – site specific installation
Joyce Ip – Video projection, “Typhoon Trees”
Roberto N. Peyre – video projection on smoke, two live video performances
Theatre in Translation – UK performance art group (trained in Corporeal Mime)
Members: Anne Jonsson, Nicole Pschetz, Jodee Mundy, Maria Rita Salvi
Will interact with the art in the space and perform with Roberto in two live video performances.

Curator: Sarah Kim
Graphic Designer: Hanne Lindberg
Contributions: Stockholm University's International Curating Management Education, Konkret och Billebro.