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Dec 14+15. Solot - här är vi nu / Katarina Eriksson and Per Sacklén

In Weld's last event this autumn we meet the dancers and choreographers Katarina Eriksson and Per Sacklén in a solo created and danced by both of them.

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Av Weld, 2018-12-12

Dec 7+8+9. Weld Company + Frédéric Gies: Tribute

The french choreographer Frédéric Gies shares his library of dance with Weld Company in the choreography Tribute, created especially for the company. Read more below left

Av Weld, 2018-11-29

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Av Weld, 2018-10-17

Welcome to Weldweb!

Here you can read about what we are working on. The upcoming events you find in the left-hand corner tab, here on the front page. Under archive you can see what has happened here since our start. For tickets you can book at book.weld.se

Av Weld, 2018-08-16